Gamer Sunda Injector v79 (MLBB) Download for Android

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September 30, 2023
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Every Mobile Legend ML game lover, whether a beginner or Averaged skilled, is trying to sort out the easy and hacked tricks to get instant rank. But it’s difficult to find because tricks are not fully functional, and some are paid and require money, but do you know anything about Gamer Sunda Injector? Hope it will be the new name for you. ML Gamer Sunda is a powerful tool to hack the Mobile Legend game with its tricks. It bestowed players with premium stuff like skins, money, advanced weapons, and hacked tricks. You would never enjoy Mobile Legned before.

Additionally, it enhances the gameplay experience for those who repeatedly lose the game and want to get instant rank in Mobile Legend. It will polish your skills to survive against the Pro players in a battleground and enable you to fight for the last breadth until you become the ultimate winner. Download Gamer Sunda Injector apk right now. Visit the link @MLBBOFFICIALS to learn more about the company and its developers.

gamer sunda ml injector

The Gamer Sunda Injector app is unavailable at the Google Play store and can be downloaded from a secure third-party website like It is available for all devices of, Android and IOS, free of cost. The stunning interface captures one’s attention. Require more information regarding the hacked features and tricks of the gamer sunda ml injector. You are welcome to its detail, but you must download it first to enjoy it. Get other mods like Furansu Mod ML and Surina Modz ML.

Features of Gamer Sunda Injector Apk:

There are hundreds of features to explain for a gamer sunda injector, and some of them are preferable to explain.

Premium skins:

Skins play a very important role in defense and physical appearance. They enhance the gameplay experience as well. You can unlock multiple skins that cannot be accessed with the free version. ML Skins are Fighter, Assasin, Marksman, Support, Tank, and Mage.

This injector also provides ML-squared skins like Hero, KOF, Stun, Venom, Sabre, Zoidiacs, and light-born skins. As well as you will be able to unlock all the Swap skins, such as Gusion, Chou, Granger, Lanvelot, and lots more.

Multiple Effects:

Multiple effects in the Mobile Legends add well experience to it. Some are free, and some are paid. You can enjoy these paid Effects in it also.

Recall effects: Unlock more than 40+ recall effects, including Evos, Venom, 515, Christmas, M1, etc.
Eliminasi effects: Also, the Sunda gamer injector allows you to unlock 11+ eliminasi effects such as Evos, Super Kill, 515, Ghost, Chou, R.I.P, etc.
Spawn effects: In addition, the mod helps you to inject all the spawn effects as well, such as Evos, Guardian, Spring, M1, Super Kill, MSC, etc.

Drone views:

You can unlock drone overview in the ML also. You can Zoom the battleground with high-resolution cameras ranging from…

  • 2×3.
  • 3×4.
  • 4×5.
  • 5×6.
  • 6×7.
  • 7×8.
  • 8×9.
  • 9×10.
  • 3D.

Anime Skins:

Multiple Anime skins are too costly to buy, but you can access 38+ anime skins for free.

  • Gusion to Sator.
  • Lancelot to Zenitsu.
  • Light to Itachi.

Maps and Background:

There are certain Maps where we can play. But if you download Gamer Sunda Injector, you can unlock multiple Maps like Celestial Place, Western Place, Imperial Sanctuary, and Magic Chess. More than 13+ beautiful backgrounds.

Speedy gun reload:

You can increase the speed of Gun Reload. As a result, it will kill more enemies rapidly.

Auto Aim and Aim locks:

To take an accurate shot is not so easy, especially to aim at a running. But this problem is also solved with the help of the gamer Sunda injector. Now you don’t have to aim at the enemy to get a perfect shoot. You can finish the enemies easily with the Auto Aim and Aim lock.


With this hacking trick, you can easily see enemies behind the wall. The advantage of this feature is you can kill enemies when covered behind the wall.

Avatars and Costumes:

There are multiple Avatars and Costumes available for the users for free.


It is a powerful Antiban that updates itself from time to time. It unlocks premium features with Zero risk.

Free to Download:

This MLBB injector is free to download for all devices of Android and IOS.

How to install Gamer Sunda Injector?

  • Download the apk file here.
  • Before installation, go to settings and security to activate the unknown sources option.
  • After that, tap to install the app.
  • The device shows a pop-up to ask for permission to start the installation. Press Install to start.
  • Once the installation is done, the shortcut app icon is on your device screen.
  • Now launch the gamer sunda ml apk.
  • Select the desired cheats from the app menu and click to inject.
  • Finally, enjoy the no-limit access of MLBB.

Ending Lines:

Mobile Legend has a big name in gaming today, and everyone wants to get instant rank at a minimal cost. Everyone wants to take the game experience to the next level. Everyone wants to have premium features of skins and upgraded skills, and premium stuff. All these are merged into a single app you must download: Gamer Sunda Injector ML.

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