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There are multiple ways to tease your friends on the internet, and one of them is through doing Unlimited Missed calls and SMS. The prank has another taste of enjoyment, especially when it is done with your beloved friends. Millions of people get pranked daily by receiving unlimited missed calls and messages. Are you facing the same problem? Are you ready to take revenge with twofold power? Then I have a unique app for you that will fulfil your dreams of teasing. I am talking about Miss Call Bomber APK or Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber APK. Besides, you can try Call Bomber and Whatsapp Ultimate Bomber.

miss call bomber apk

Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber APK is not available at the Google Play store to download because of a violation of the terms of service. But still, you can download it from external sources such as websites. The App I very impressive for entertaining and teasing your friends. When suddenly your friend receives thousands of calls, he will not try to bully you again. Try it one time and save yourself for the future. Not only can you make missed calls, but you can also do unlimited messages. Still, what you are looking for is to Download Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber APP for Android free without spending any charges. Get ready to amaze you with its top features. To learn more about prank calls from Wikipedia.

Features of Miss Call Bomber APK:

Are you tired of receiving unlimited calls from unknown sources or getting pranked by your friends? It’s time to take action against them. Download Miss Call Bomber APK to let them beat in double let me explain the silent features of the Tak Zang Missed Call Bomber APP that would astound you.

Do unlimited Miss Calls and Messages:

The main purpose of developing the App was to do unlimited calls one after the other through a distance of some seconds. So after typing the number, you must type the number of missed calls your opponent would receive. So unlimited missed calls can be done by Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber. Not only can you miss calls, but you can also type messages.

Entertainment source:

The App is the best source of Entertainment. You can do a prank twofold with your friend if he is teasing you.

Disable other calls:

This unlimited missed call bomber apk is very beneficial for those receiving calls, so if someone irritates you, you can block them, and after stopping, no one will receive the unknown third-party calls or messages. That is an excellent feature of the App.

  • There is no limit to the time to miss a call. You can skip a call for your time of choice. You can miss a call for up to multiple seconds. It means you can select the time to send the missed call.
  • There is no root required to use the App. It is fully functional.
  • The missed call bomber apk does not have a geographical barrier. You can use this App all across the world.
  • The App is relatively small in size as compared to others and is fully compatible with all devices of, Android and PC as well.
  • The interface is straightforward and very interactive. You can easily navigate the menu, and other options, such as scrolling, are smooth.
  • The App is free to download without any charges.


This is the best-featured and most potent App to do unlimited bursts of calls up to many seconds. You can also protect yourself from other anonymous calls. Download Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber for Android to tease your friend twofold, who is irrigating you repeatedly. The App is also safe and is not risky. It has incredible features of messages and customization, such as a time setting for doing missed calls and How many missed calls to send. All can easily be managed very well in the App. You have to Download and install the application and enjoy the better experience of Miss Call Bomber.

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