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Review of Ueldo Mesquita

We are Muslim and our prime responsibility is to follow the teachings of Islam. But unfortunately, Technology has sent it back to us. We have been entangled to earn money and make large buildings and buy new cars. We have forgotten even the basic rules and Principles upon which the building of Islam is standing. Such a miserable condition for Muslims of the world today! To renovate the condition of Muslims and to keep them on the right path Different scholars of the world are trying with their speeches and lectures so This App Ueldo Mesquita TV APK is also a struggle of their efforts.

ueldo mesquita

Ueldo Mesquita TV APK is a free religious Islamic app where you can learn the basic rules and principles of Islam. Such kinds of principles and rules are explained here that a Muslim faces in daily life like Guidelines about business relationships etc. Muslims can find simple and accurate solutions to their problems easily. So if you are a true Muslim then you should know the principles of Islam.

The second benefit of this App you can access accurate books of Ahdiaths and also you can read and Recite the Holy Quran. Users can keep updating themselves with Prayer Time. Users can check the right direction of Kiblah and can also read Islamic Articles here. One can also get many Ramadan calendars and Islamic foundations etc here. So if you have spent your past life astray and want to change and devote your life to the sake of Islam by knowing its rules and principles you can be guided by it after downloading the Ueldo Mesquita TV APP. Viva TV & Rapid Streamz are two very similar streaming apps.

Features of Ueldo Mesquita TV Apk:

Ueldo Mesquita is an Islamic app covering the main principles and foundations of Islam with different facilities regarding Islamic content like Islamic blogs and Reading the Quran and Ahidiaths. The following are the most basic features that you would love to enjoy.

  • You can access the Holy Quran online and can read it.
  • Easily find the Namaz or Prayer time of every country.
  • One can also find the right direction of Kiblah anywhere.
  • Users can also read Islamic blogs and Islamic research-based books
  • You can access all the books of Ahdiaths that are the most accurate
  • Listen to Azan in Audio with different Voices of Speakers.
  • Get the Ramadan Calendar in the month of Ramadan.
  • Check daily the most important Islamic event that occurred in past Islamic months.
  • You can check the answers to the most basic questions related to our daily life activities like business and relationships etc.
  • One can also check the pictures of the most beautiful Islamic constructions and Mosques in the world.
  • You can also read the Quran with Different translations and the same as Ahdiaths
  • It supports multiple languages so you can take benefit also if you don’t know English or its primary language.
ueldo mesquita baixar gratis

How to Download & Install Ueldo Mesquita?

  • Download apk file Ueldo Mesquita from here.
  • Secondly, go to settings>> security>> unknown sources & enable the option.
  • Now click to install and wait until the installation ends.
  • Once the process is completed then click to open.
  • Finally, enjoy all Islamic content for free.


If you are a true Muslim or have newly entered a Muslim community. You should know about its leading foundations. So to make the faith of Muslims clear an app called Ueldo Mesquita TV APK was launched by the Speakers simultaneously. For more knowledge, you can read Islamic blogs and the most Authentic research done by Scholars around the world.

This Ueldo Mesquita provides the basic knowledge regarding Islam. Similar apps are available to download that provide more accurate and authentic explanations. So one can take a large benefit from that app for example you can check the exact location of Kiblah and prayer time in Ramadan you can check the Ramadan time to start and end fast. So this app helps solve the most basic problems that you will face in daily life. Download Ueldo Mesquita and keep updated yourself according to Islam and spend your life according to the Islamic way.

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