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October 09, 2023
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There are many ways to do Prank and amusement with your friends. One of them is to do Prank online with your friends through calls. There are bulks of apps available to do fake calls. One of the top-notched apps is Fake Call Bomber APK. We have listed the alternative apps, such as Call Bomber and Miss Call Bomber try for free.

Sometimes we get annoyed with our friends through their different Pranks and bunks. Now it’s your turn to take twofold revenge. Fake Call Bomber allows you to send unlimited fake calls and messages to your targeted friend by inserting their number. It’s a free process, and the best thing about it sends the bulk of calls and messages simultaneously after a few seconds interval. You have to dial the number of the recipients and enter the number of calls. Then, after pressing the Send button, it will start the bombardment of Miss Calls. You can select the duration of calls as well. That’s amazing.

fake call bomber apk

All the users of Android and Non-Android can take advantage and download that app free of cost without spending any money. More app comes with no annoying ads. Its interface is captivating and simple for all kinds of users. So what you are looking for, despite having these kinds of features download Fake Call Bomber to make fun of your friends with endless missed calls and messages. For more detail, let me show you the features of the app. Visit the YouTubeChannel to learn more about how to use this app.

Features of Fake Call Bomber Apk:

Endless calls and messages are waiting in your friend list if you are searching for an innovative way to play a prank on your friend. That is only possible when you download Fake Call Bomber Mod APK.

Unlimited Calls and Fake Messages:

The fake call bomber app allows you to bombard fake calls simultaneously after a selected duration. That can be the best source of amusement and Prank. One can also do Prank with fake Messages.

Anonymous Calls:

Once you dial your targeted friend number, it will be shown as anonymous to your friend because your identity will be concealed completely.


Your identity will not be revealed once you do fake calls and messages because the app is privacy protected and is a completely safe application.

Multiple numbers:

You can add multiple fake numbers along with counterfeit numbers just for a prank.

Select the call number and duration:

One of the app’s best features is selecting the call duration and the number of calls you want to send. Your own choice can select it.

Entertainment Purposes:

Fake Unlimited Call Bomber APK is designed for entertainment, allowing you to engage in playful banter and create moments of laughter and joy with your friends.


The interface of the app is responsive as well as user-friendly. You can easily navigate the apps smoothly. It does not require a person to be technical to use the app.


Fake call bomber is a compatible app and is available to download for Android and other IOS and Apple. There are no charges for downloading. It’s free.

No ads:

There are no pop-ups or ads in it.


With prank phone calls, Fake Call Bomber APK offers an innovative and enjoyable method to interact with your friends. The app adds a funny touch to your interactions and offers interesting and enjoyable moments with its ability to send and receive a limitless number of phone calls and texts. It puts user privacy first, ensuring your data is kept private throughout the Prank.


How to use Call Bomber APK to do Unlimited Calls?

One can easily use this app by following that method.

  • Open the app and put the receiver’s or your friend’s targeted number.
  • Please select the number of calls and their duration. 
  • Press the button and Dial the call.

Is Fake Call Bomber APK safe?

The fake Call Bomber app is not absolutely safe from potential risk because it goes against the personal rights of men, but you may use the app just for Pranks and amusement. No need to worry.

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